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Trophies & Awards


Plaque created by Kaz Bros Design Shop for Branding Iron Award

Plaque created by Kaz Bros Design Shop for Branding Iron Award

Giving out plaques as a token of appreciation often helps in building a good relationship with others. Plaques can be awarded to people in various events. It gives them the feeling of recognition and success for accomplishing an important task.

Kaz Bro’s design is one of the go-to premier sources of custom-made products. We can make sports, scholastics and corporate plaques with a variety of designs that can fit any events. We have a team of creative staff who can assist you with your designing needs. We offer individual as well as perpetual plaques and customize them according to your preference.

Our plaque inscriptions are written with the use of the high-quality laser engraving process that makes brand logos and inscription text clear and crisp.

Here at Kaz Bro’s Design Shop, we give only give the best to our clients. We aim to provide you an excellent service and great products for a low-cost price. Contact us now so we can start making the perfect plaque for your event.



Kaz Bros Design Shop column trophy example

Kaz Bros Design Shop column trophy example

Trophies are given to accomplished people as a proof that they have done an achievement. Whether it’s an academic trophy from your alma mater, a corporate trophy for your outstanding performance at a work-related contest, or a general trophy for winning a contest, Kaz Bro’s Design Shop has the item just for you.

If you are looking for the best trophy for your event, you can choose from the varied trophy cup designs in our shop and have it customized. Our trophies are made from glass, crystal, acrylic, resin, metal (brass), wood, stone, and tiles. They are well-crafted by a group of creative professionals so quality is assured. Our customization offer will ensure that your selected trophy is unique and personalized.

Kaz Bro’s Design Shop is one of the best trophy makers in California. We know that you want only the best so we give you nothing but that.  If quality service and high-class product is what you want, then Kaz Bro’s your shop.



Medal examples by Kaz Bros Design Shop

Medal examples by Kaz Bros Design Shop

Giving medals to people who have done well in their respective fields is one way of telling them that we recognized their efforts and hard work over the months or years. It also encourages them to continue doing their best and inspire others to do the same as well.

Kaz Bros Design Shop has it all. Whether it’s a first, second and third place medal or even an Employee of the Year award, we give you the best and high-quality products to fit your needs. We have one of the best and largest medal designs with a budget- friendly quote.

Our products are made from the durable materials— glass, acrylic and metal. We collaborate with you and customize your design medal in order to give you a unique product.  Kaz Bro’s Design Shop makes medals for basketball, soccer, baseball and other sporting events. We also have medals for academic awards.

With Kaz Bro’s experience and superior customer service, the company is definitely a top choice. Discuss your needs with our crew and start customizing your own medal now.