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Custom embroidered hats created by Kaz Bros Design Shop

Custom embroidered hats created by Kaz Bros Design Shop

Hats – Hats can be more than just a protection from the heat. Use it as a promotional tool and print your company logo on it.

A customized hat will make an excellent gift in conventions, tradeshows, and business parties. If you want one for your team, then you can purchase unique baseball hats and trucker hats from Kaz Bro’s Design Shop’s collection (with a print of your choice). Tell us what you need and we’ll assist you in making it happen.





Kaz Bros Design Shop BWJH polos

Polos for BWJH created by Kaz Bros Design Shop

Polos – Kaz Bro’s Design Shop offers different polo shirts for printing. You can put your own design on it or work with our creative staff in visualizing your ideas.  For most teams, you can simply place a badge-like logo on the chest area of the polo.

Polo printing is perfect for company division teams, sports fest teams, or even among friends. Our polo selections are made of polyester to assure you utmost comfort when wearing it. To find the perfect polo and design for you and your team, connect with our staff.





Kaz Bros Design Shop favorite player tshirt

Kaz Bros Design Shop favorite player t-shirt

T-Shirts – Kaz Bro’s Design Shop’s T-shirt printing is most in-demand. T-shirt customization can be used for promoting your brand, spreading important information, and highlighting your company’s vision. You and your team can wear it to conventions, trade shows, and other company events.

Our shirts are made of pure cotton. Pick from various shirt colors and sizes. Once you’ve chosen your desired apparel, you can ask for a staff to assist you in printing your desired design or logo.






Kaz Bros Design Shop After Shocks screen printing

Screen printing for the After Shocks by Kaz Bros Design Shop

Screen Printing – Need to print a design, message or logo in a full-tone color that pops? Then, Kaz Bro’s Design Shop has the right solution for you.

Screen printing uses stencil, also known as a screen, in applying on the apparel. Each color requires different screen and applied one at a time. Time-consuming? Maybe. Offers high-quality print that stands out? Definitely yes.

Kaz Bro’s Design Shop makes use of this fine imprinting technique so you can have a long-lasting design and get vibrant prints on any apparel. For the most affordable price, contact our customer support.



Custom embroidery for Central created by Kaz Bros Design Shop

Custom embroidery for Central created by Kaz Bros Design Shop

Embroidery – Customize your hat, polo, or t-shirt with an embroidered design and get a finished product that is not only eye-catching, but also high-quality. Kaz Bro’s Design Shop ensures that you get only the coolest printed apparel on the finest fabrics because we understand that there’s more to a print that just good design.

Kaz Bro can work on big or small embroidery projects. And because we believe that quality is what makes a print sell, we ensure that you’ll have a visibly striking and well-placed logo or design.